Kirby heading out in Vik

So, December 2016 brought about my second trip to Iceland within a few months.I had barely got back from the first time around when Neil asked if i fancied spending new year out there…. I couldn’t resist!

Fast forward to a few days in and we were having such an incredible time.Neil had witnessed the most scenic (and coldest) surf he had ever seen, Then came the DC3.

How scenic?

Crash landed in the 70s after what is believed to be fuel troubles and left by the Americans for the tourists to photograph for many years to come… It did not disappoint.

We waited in the makeshift carpark until dark and the last people to drive off before we togged up and embarked on our 40 min walk along the beach in complete darkness to go and see what the fuss was all about.

Ground Zero

Honestly, this was darkness like you could not believe. We soon got a proper stomp on and warmed up real soon, having to lose layers even at -7 degrees C….. this is when I misplaced my beanie!

Soon enough we arrived, and what an eerie place it was.

Inside the DC3

We soon set up cameras and tripods and began to figure out just how we were going to light her up, with me keeping an eye on things in the Live View on my Canon 5D mkiii and Neil inside moving lights until they looked good on screen.

Once we had dialled in settings and decided on composition it was time to have some fun, this is one of a mini-series of  ‘Kirby stands in front of stuff’ photos.

Shot on Fuji X-T2

By now it had started to get real cold, thumbs felt like they had been cut off and dials were beginning to be a real issue!

Once we had packed up and headed back to the car, I managed to find the beanie i had lost on the way out! A quick shake got rid of the snow that had settled and back to the warm we went.

Here is the photo again that caused all the fuss.

I never thought it was anything special until i posted it, it has given me a huge boost and a new drive into learning astrophotography properly.

Huge thanks to Neil Kirby for smashing the light setup, with teamwork like this who knows whats next…

 The bug has Bitten.

Thank you for giving this the time of day


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