Hello, I’m Sam! You can see why i like to be the other side of the camera!


In all honesty… Concrete Photography came about by accident, until buying my first camera I had never considered photography as something i wanted to do.

But after always having the phone that had the best camera, and trying to take the best photos i could on them I saw an advert for a very cheap dslr. After a quick chat with my other half (who studied photography at uni) i was told it was a good camera for the money and i bought it!

The next year was spent relentlessly stalking wildlife and pets in the garden, pointing my lens at anyone that stood still long enough for me to take a quick portrait. I had fallen in love with it!

Soon after came my first wedding for my girlfriends dad….and it went better than i could have ever hoped!

The rest is history, now I try to go on as many little adventures in this country and beyond to capture places that many people would not ever visit. Beach holidays have never been my cup of tea.


The reason I shoot weddings is because I enjoy it, plain and simple. I love to capture the day as it unfolds without staging or prompting. I work best when able to blend in between your guests, pressing pause on all those little moments and laughs you may not get to see yourselves whilst the day flies by.

Keeping formal family group shots etc to a minimum means the photos I produce will really reflect the emotion and feel of the day every time you glance through them.

I shoot a more relaxed, candid or alternative style.

Please shoot me an email or give me a call using the info on the “get in contact form” up in the top right of the screen to arrange a coffee and speak about your day.

Thank you